Dogs at Play - User Testing

This week I’ve completed another two testing sessions with Lewie [left] and Holly [right], things played our well and gather a massive amount of information to take the project forward. The final product will definitely be different but still will incorporate tennis ball/s, since Dogs seem to go nuts for them. As well as considerations into a machine washable toy.
Currently I’m in the final developmental stages of the project which will help me finalise the design, then I’ll be going straight into the making stage as my final outcome.

Math Cube - User Testing

IMG_7447 - Version 2
So today I finally got to test out the Math Cube with a group of Year 5 students with varying abilities in the subject.
Beforehand, I had create a exercise sheet for the students to work on.

Needless to say the cube went down a storm.

Dogs at Play - Unplanned User Testing

So last night after dinner, I was wondering where Scruffy had disappeared to. To my amazement I found that he had managed to open my cupboard [with project work inside] and plucked out my prototype toys.
It seems that he want to start testing out my new toys as soon has he got wife of them.
Was pleasing to see that Scruffy was able to understand how the toys worked. All the bits where Velcro’ed on and can be ripped out as a form of stress relief.

Dogs at Play - User Testing

Today I got to visit Holly to test out my prototypes. I also took Scruffy along to join in with testing.
A very informative visit with lots of play. It’s pointed out a few more areas for improvement, such as keeping the toys clean after they have been taken outside.