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The build it, take part, build again tough toy. Ideal for stressed and lonely Dogs. Choose a lead, body and accessories to suit your Dog. Repairable and replaceable parts.

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There are 8million Dogs in the UK.
About a quarter don’t get the right amount of companionship they need, becoming lonely, stressed and bored.

And resort to destructive behaviour. This a real welfare issue that can develop into other behavioural problems.

Inspired by the PDSA’s PAW Report, Bluemutt is a customisable toy companion, keeping your Dog occupied while you’re away. Repairable and customisable parts. Catering for a Dog’s destructiveness.

Bluemutt is easy to look after. Clean it with a damp cloth or machine wash on a cool cycle. The non-aggressive Octopus is designed not to look like any other animal a Dog might encounter everyday.

Bluemutt4 Mentally stimulating, Bluemutt keeps your Dog occupied when alone.
Bluemutt5 A fun toy for you and your Dog. Spend more time playing together.
Bluemutt6 Many toys are made up of multiples parts, but if they break, there’s no way of repairing them.
Bluemutt7 Diverts destructive behaviour away from personal belongings.
Bluemutt8 Stress relief for your Dog. Ideal when left alone.
Bluemutt9 Bluemutt lets your Dog take the toys apart. And be put back together.

Challenge Your Dog
You can stuff the eye sockets with tennis balls, to challenge your Dog to retrieve the hidden treat. As your Dog becomes an expert at this challenge, you can make it harder for him by reversing the pockets in the toy to further hide the ball or treat. There are tentacles which can be wrapped round and secured on to other toys. The Velcro at the tip of each tentacle lets Bluemutt grip on to objects and spaces.

Tailored For Your Dog
Choose the parts that best suit your Dog. And is easy to assemble. Interchangeable parts, in Dog friendly colours. The only human visible colour is the red lead, that connects everything together, as well as making a strong handle.

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