This new mini track light gives retailers flexibility for their displays, so they can easily make quick adjustments on the light without the need for tools.
Lights can be replaced rather than the entire lighting unit. And also means that the track can stay in place while newer models can be fitted on in future.
Designed to work in closed spaces (hot cabinets) while being able to run at full power, and is able to transfer heat through the track to help with heat dissipation.

Light 4

I was tasked by Light Graphix to create a mini track system as part of their range of LED lights. This light will be mostly used in the retail area such as Jewellers.
The light would be powered by a constant current supply running through the track.
It’ll be run at the maximum power output.

Areas I would have to consider:
Adjustability | Connection to track in a clever & simple | On board driver | Lens/Optics | Glare | Materials | Track | Finishes | Installation | Style/Looks

This would be a possible replacement for the LD81, and to fit in with the more popular LD51.

The new light had to be a big improvement over the previous generation light, the LD281. My design is based on what retailers want and features that will benefit the end user.

Track Light Half Images V25

Have the option to change the optics from wide to spot beams.
Works in vertical and horizontal positions, mounted on the surface or made flush.
Finishes: Anodising or power coating.
Designed in a response to what does the retailer want. Which is to have a bright light, that best displays their products.

Track Light Images

Turn full circle and 195˚ of angle adjustment.

Track Light Half Images V22
Adjust the angle the light has a series of notches, as to angle it up and down.
Working similar to a camera knob.

As well as using a spring to make a firm connection to the track and free rotation.

Track Light Images2

Designed to group together. Create sweeping beams of light across a display.

Track Light Images3

Make quick adjustments without touching hot components. No need to wait. Allowing lighting displays to keep up with seasonal, locational and stylistic changes.

Track Light Half Images V2
Adjust the light without touching parts that might have become hot.

It was originally a rod that came out from the back, the tab design is stronger and easier to access from the front & back.

Track Light Images4

Tools go missing, so the light is tool free to install into the track and adjust.

Track Light Half Images V23
Track connection that uses an off-centre groove to make sure that the positive and negative are on the correct side.

This does away with the need for a polarity switcher inside the light.
Track Light Half Images V24
The track itself is design similar to a door latch., along with an off-centre groove to stop the “+ & -” being in the wrong position.
A light cannot be installed if it’s the wrong way round.

Track Light Images5

More metal, more surface area, less heat.

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