LightGraphix | Crayford, London
Product Designer | Full-time | 2013 to Present
Straight out of university and into LightGraphix, starting my new role as a Product Designer, working along side the company’s Chief Engineer (a two person Design team). My primary role is to design and develop new products, as well as maintaining our current range of luminaires.

I am involved at all levels when bringing a new product to market, from design and development, working with marketing and sales, design optimisation for manufacturability (frequent communication & visits to suppliers to discuss my designs) and assembly, extensive testing, creating data sheets and instructional leaflets, obtaining quotes, costings & calculations, factory training, as well as creating new tools and jigs required for the product. My work load ranges from 1 to 8 different projects at a time, with designs consisting of new & updated luminaires to add to the current range, as well as “specials” tailored for a client’s particular project. I maintain a secure blog that documents most of the work I do, with information about test results (deep freeze forward voltage tests, lumen output tests), entries about fittings on long-term test, development work and much more.

Outside of design I frequently will assist with marketing, taking charge of professional photo shoots used for the company’s web and print marketing material. Additionally, providing technical assistance to sales, working on the company’s working practices manual (design section), as well as returns and testing procedures.

Product Design | Internship | Summer 2012
Working along side the Chief Engineer I spent my time during that summer learning as much as I could about the fittings the company made. From building the fittings themselves to designing “specials” and accessories. I spent much of my time doing concept work, creating designs that would later feed back into the company’s main product line, with two of the designs I created later being developed further and put into production. I got to learn a lot about the designing process. Not just adhering to the brief but creating a design that was in keeping to the company’s style, making component selections, manufacturing and assembly considerations, carrying out extensive testing and making prototypes.

GIA Equation | Southbank, London
Initial Illustration Work | Autumn 2011

Project: HKR Architechs, Fore Street Offices | London
3D illustrations, demonstrating the LED lighting effect on the building’s glass facade.

dpa Light Consultants | London Bridge, London
Design Intern | Summer 2011

Project: Four Seasons Hotel Project | Bahrain Bay, Bahrain
Working with one of the lighting consultant’s Designers to design and develop a seat that illuminates the exterior pathways around the island.
The designer created the basic concept and I was tasked with creating a working prototype.

Illustrator | Spring 2011
Project: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Project | Knightsbridge, London
Creating a basic lighting control panel as part of a design proposal for the refurbishment of their London hotel.

CAD & Admin | Spring 2007
A-Level Work Experience | London/Oxford
First exposure to the professional design industry. Initially working in admin, then assisting designers and senior designers with their design revisions on AutoCAD.


Solidworks - 3D Printing - DIALux - Keyshot - AutoCAD - Photoshop - InDesign - Illustrator - Microsoft Office - iMovie/Final Cut - Keynote - Windows - Mac OS X - Linux - Arduino


SolidSolutions Solidworks Training - LIA DIALux Training - LIA BSEN 60598-1 - Edition 8 Training.


BA Hons Product Design
[2010 - 2013]

Foundation Diploma In Art, Design & Media Studies
[2009 - 2010]

Warlingham School
A levels in Art and Design, Product Design & Business Studies


3D printing - Designing - Gaming - Model making - Problem solving - All things technology - Music - Films - Visiting galleries - The great outdoors

Generally being a nerd.